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The UEFA Euro 2012 will be a major pan-European soccer event which will involve the best soccer teams from the continent. It will host some of the greatest soccer players of all time, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Andrés Iniesta and Franck Ribéry. No surprise it is the most awaited sports event of the year. This time around, the event will take place in Poland and Ukraine. (The latter country appears to have a few problems with the initial preparations for the games). This will be the fourteenth final tournament game of its kind. The whole event will take place between June 8 and July 2nd.

Sixteen nations will participate in the upcoming games. A few more teams will likely be added during the European Championship games in 2016. There will be thirty-one matches throughout the entire 2012 championship tournament. The European soccer teams will be neatly divided into four groups with four teams. The qualifying phase is likewise done in groups. The teams play with one another in their own country and abroad.

There are some concerns about Ukraine's preparations for the games. It is still possible that Hungary and Germany might replace Ukraine as the new hosts for the Euro 2012 finals. A lot will depend on whether Ukraine makes any improvements in terms of their preparations for the games. Eight stadiums will likely be available for the tournament. Four stadiums will be located in cities throughout Poland; Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. Over 1.4 million soccer fans might easily show up for the events. Tournaments such as UEFA Championship have paved the way for the development of many video games based on the popular sport. These include the best new online games for a chance to get closer to the action. The games make use of HD graphics and often include bonus features, such as a penalty shootout, to make them even more entertaining.

The Euro is held once every four years (between the World Cup events). The championships were officially started back in 1958, although the idea was proposed as far back as 1927. That's when Henri Delaunay came up with the whole concept. The competition was expanded during the years in terms of the number of teams that were involved in it. The Euro chamionship has been extremely popular among the Europeans. However, the event is seen by people from around the world.

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