Blackjack Betting System

The Revere plus-Minus: Blackjack Betting System was the latest presentation of Lawrence revere for the dedicated player who wants to pick a long term on the game. This belongs to the mid level strategies in playing blackjack. He did a job convincing that he almost often wins the game and his writings give explanation on the different strategies in playing. He discussed that the counting system is a one level only and it outline the various basic strategy on the positive and negative count.

The revere Plus-Minus: Blackjack betting System uses numerical values similar to other betting system and has a simplified version of the revere Point Count System. The values are : Ace, 0; 2 ,+1; 3, +1; 4, +1; 5, +1; 6, +1; 7,0; 8,0; 9, -1; 10, jack, queen, king, -1. The best strategy with this betting system is to bet more when running counts increases. The counting system differs on a table of numbers and you should memorize the numbers to familiarize yourself without the short cut like using simple mathematics such as adding and subtracting.

The betting strategy of the revere Plus-Minus: Blackjack Betting System is to become a serious player. This is designed to help you in your blackjack game. To use the 1-3-2-6 betting strategy, your first bet is 1 unit, then the 3 units, 2 units, and the 6 units. This is a strategy which is very exciting and interesting if you use it as recreational activities. Other type of betting is called the negative progression. This is done by doubling your blackjack bet every time you lose a blackjack hand. But this strategy is rarely used in the casinos because you cannot double your bet when you lose black hands in a row. Playing with different strategy is good but on this revere plus-minus it helps you win over the house and it improves counting with less effort.