Casino Slot Games Online

Casino slot games online started once something called as the random number generator was invented and develop. The reels could be shown on the computer itself and would function as well as the physical one and hence gamblers saw no reason to walk into an actual casino. Initially the Casino slot games online had the same number of reels as an actual casino i.e. 3 reels. But a lot of players lost interest as it limited possibilities. Hence it many Casino slot games and mobile slots as well online introduced five reels and many others have introduced more than five reels too.

Another interesting change that was made in Casino slots online games was that one spin on a slot game with 20 pay lines was equal to 20 spins on a game with single pay line. Hence one can bet very quickly. A lot of Casino slot games online have pay lines ranging from 5 to 40 while a few have as many as 100 pay lines.

Improvements were made swiftly once Casino slot games online were introduced. An interesting change that we got see was the introduction of audio visual effects as well introduction of animations and videos. Animations made Casino slot games online very appealing and players thronged to such websites. Another good feature was the progressive jackpot. This increased the interest in Casino slot games online significantly. Bonus games also attracted a lot of players as everybody loved a freebie. Besides this a lot of online casinos offer bonuses when a user signs up for the first time or to a loyal player. This was not done in the land casinos. So in order to avail all these benefits as well as other interesting features, players started playing Casino slot games online in large numbers.